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product name:Optical cable attaching machine
Product Category: Optical cable attaching machine
battery capacity:6600/
Rated voltage:12.8V
Banding range:8-58mm
Silk length:0.85mm
Plate wire length:[Ĥ˿] ÿ110ףһγ˿700-750ףɸ2KM
Tying time:0.8/
Charging time:1.5Сʱ
Packing:Ҹˣ1.2/(*4) ңؿأ2

Battery capacity: 6600 MA / group, a battery can work more than 1500 times, probably hanging more than 3 kilometers        

Attached hanging rod: it can be insulated 10KV, made of insulating FRP epoxy tube, 1.2 m / root.  

Coated wire: 110 meters per disc, 700-750 millimeters per time, and can be attached to 2KM.        

Remote control switch: remote-control distance is 20 meters wide and can be used for partition wall.       

Voltage: 12.8V       

Binding range: 8-58mm        

Tying time: 0.8 seconds each time        

Wire diameter: 0.85mm       

Charging time: 1.5 hours.

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