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A fully automatic bar binding machine consists of four parts.
The full automatic bar strapping machine, the same name and the bar strapping machine, English translation to Automatic Rebar Tying Machine or Rebar tier, is a kind of handheld battery steel bar fast binding tool. In place of artificial binding of steel bar. The steel strapping machine is mainly made up of four parts: the body, the special wire coil, the battery box and the charger.
The features and advantages of the automatic bar lapping machine are:
1. the operation is very simple and convenient. The single handed operation can improve the safety factor of workers when they work.
2. the operation is efficient and fast, the efficiency of binding is 3-4 times that of manual binding, and 50-60 knots per minute.
3. the whole machine is light and durable, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, and ensuring the uniform and stable quality of the work strapping.
4. strong battery, charging time of 70 minutes, each charging can bind 1400-1500 knots, easy to carry.
5. model complete, RT235, RT395, RT550 can be suitable for strapping different diameter of steel bar 4-60mm!!!
The classification of the product is mainly based on the imitation of the machine. Although the names are different, the classification is very similar. According to the range that can be adapted, there are several main models, such as 24mm, 40mm and 65mm. That is to say, the maximum range of this type of binding can reach 24mm, 40mm, 65mm., of which 40mm is the most popular market.
In the small and medium size of the product, the model needs to consume 0.8mm galvanized wire, the wire is wrapped around a special wire plate, and the wire can be used in the machine. Each coil of wire is about 95 meters or 100 meters long. According to the type or setting of the machine, the machine can tie 2 or 3 circles, so that the number of bars that can be strapped to each coil can be 150-270.
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