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Full automatic bar lapping machine is efficient and efficient
The characteristics of the automatic steel bar strapping machine are: easy to carry, simple and quick to use, all of them realize one touch and save labor force greatly. The setup module is easy to operate, and can be adjusted by multiple modes only with 4 buttons. The fault alarm system monitors the function state of the machine and makes the corresponding location failure alarm.
Strapping machine parameters:
Overall size: 270mm*75mm*250mm battery capacity: 13200 Ma
Battery voltage: 12.8V charging time: 1.5 hours continuous working time: 6 hours.
Knot number / battery: 3000 times silk length: 300-500 mm binding range: 8-34 mm strapping time: 0.8 seconds.
Weight: single machine weighs about 2.5 kg, and the whole set weighs about 3.5 kg.
Wire diameter: 0.8 mm wire weight: 0.45 kg / coil
Mark a roll of wire, length of wire: 110 meters
Product uses: widely used in reinforced concrete structures, bridges, highways, tunnels and so on.
The steel bar binding machine consists of four parts: the body, the special wire plate, the battery box and the charger. One is equipped with 4 special wire plates, 2 battery boxes, and 1 chargers.
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