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Steel bar strapping machine solves the problem of steel bar strapping in building construction.
The steel bar strapping machine, also known as the automatic steel bar binding machine, is a hand-held battery type steel bar fast binding tool. It is an intelligent tool with built-in micro controller, which can automatically complete all the steps of bar binding and can be widely used in the field of construction engineering to replace the artificial binding bar. The steel strapping machine is mainly made up of four parts: the body, the special wire coil, the battery box and the charger.
Steel bar strapping machine is very popular in some sites. It can reduce people's physical labor to a certain extent, and it can also accelerate the efficiency of work. It has been favored by many construction projects.
I have read a lot of news reports before, some forty or fifty year old women, who do physical work like men at the site, tie up steel bars, and every time I look at this news, I have pity and pain for them. But the thought of the existence of steel strapping machines will give them a glimmer of joy. So, where are the advantages of the steel strapping machine worthy of our attention?
The operation of the product is simple and single hand operation improves the safety factor of the worker's operation; the binding speed is 3-4 times of human operation and the binding time of each knot is 1 second, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers; the weight is light and the appearance of the whole machine is only 2.5kg, the operation is convenient, the strong lithium battery and the charging time are 70-80 minutes. Each charge can continuously bind 1300-1500 knots to make the machine easy to carry.
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